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About Us

A Lifestyle on the Path to Success

As a teacher in the public schools, I found that the system neglects diversity in the way students learn, motivate, self-regulate, and communicate.


In 2010, I started to work in the world of Cognitive Behavioral Health, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and play therapy. I learned instructional strategies and developed my own strategies on how to discretely measure the success of my students. I was given the tools I needed to provide rapid skill acquisition based on learning styles, strengths, and needs of each of my students.

In 2012, I started using those same instructional strategies  designed for learners with cognitive needs, like Autism, ADHD, and language delays, with students who were considered to be typically developing. This was my first learning pod experience. Within months, I had improved the learning of these students by nearly a full grade-level. 


By tailoring instruction coupled with evidence based learning practices, I found that using creative, engaging, and real-world learning helped to increase intrinsic motivation and concrete conceptualization. I was able to reach and help students who did not love to learn to find their superpowers, build confidence and change their trajectory towards success. 

COMPASS Learning Advantage is data-proven to accelerate learning beyond that of most other programs. Though recreational and real-world exploration, COMPASS helps children find the motivation they need to achieve the success they are truly capable of. 


COMPASS brings more opportunities to explore, learn, and grow than any other program in its field. Focusing on COMMUNICATION and  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, while building a healthy lifestyle, helps to create the most ideal life-long learner for all.

Boomhauer ("boom-h-our"), COMPASS's Chief Therapy Dog, and our amazing team of dedicated instructors, are highly motivated to change your child's life. We are excited to see positive change and growth in all of our learners and to be a part of their growth process, is our honor. 


-Jordanna, Owner & Founder


We believe in the active balance of

mind, body, soul by,

1. Gaining control in fitness 

2. Releasing your emotions with play

3. Focusing on Learning

Community Based Services for children who:

1. Thrive with small group instruction

2. Are nervous to learn something new

3. Struggle with social emotional regulation and coping strategies

4. Impulse control or struggle to paying attention

5. Problem solving or conflict resolution and analytical skills

6. Generally give up quickly

Child & Family Approved

"I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to our days.  My son is so excited and counts down the minutes to his new virtual friends classes!! 

You have really produced a platform to make our children feel normalcy and social joy that we cannot provide!  Your faces, energy, and support is what has got my son into loving to learn again!"

Who Are We?