Our STory

Our story started because it became very clear the power of appropriate education. I was working in a school district that was a blend of wealthy, generational family money and immigrant families who are establishing a new life for their family, and everyone in between. To me, this school district was What does that mean? 

FAPE- "Free and Appropriate Education" is an American Civil Rights. Every child is eligible to this. What became very clear


We believe in the active balance of

mind, body, soul by,

1. Gaining control in fitness 

2. Releasing your emotions with play

3. Focusing on Learning

Community Based Services for children who:

1. Thrive with small group instruction

2. Are nervous to learn something new

3. Struggle with social emotional regulation and coping strategies

4. Impulse control or struggle to paying attention

5. Problem solving or conflict resolution and analytical skills

6. Generally give up quickly

Child & Family Approved

"I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to our days.  My son is so excited and counts down the minutes to his new virtual friends classes!! 

You have really produced a platform to make our children feel normalcy and social joy that we cannot provide!  Your faces, energy, and support is what has got my son into loving to learn again!"

Who Are We?

COMPASS Learning Advantage, is a Hoboken based company that works in your home, public library, your child’s classroom, etc. Our staff are highly trained and ready to work with

any child. 


We are dedicated to improve the quality of instruction delivered to the exceptional learner.

How Does

It Work?

Every strategy implemented are those which embrace learning and motivate the student to persevere through any challenge because our approach is tailored to each child as an individual


The Framework

We want our students to be able to communicate, work in small groups, problem solve, and be risk takers.

By integrating physical activity into the structure of every session, children learn more about the body - mind connection and how to engage their brains in learning through various movements. Physical activity has a positive influence on memory, concentration, and behavior. This is not taught in gym class. This can be taught with COMPASS. 


Meet the Staff



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