COMPASS Academics

Our academic programs provide children with alternative learning opportunities. Our programs are tailored to meet the individualized needs of our students by meeting them at their level and working with them at their own pace. We incorporate project-based learning, experiential education, and real-world experiences into all of our programs. 

Ways to Learn

Learning Pod Instruction

Learning Pods

School Days

Our homeschool learning pods offer a safe schooling option. Taught by New Jersey certified teachers, we follow the same curriculum as the public schools, but utilize individualized instruction and experiential education.  We will keep your children safe, while advancing them academically and socially.

Learning Pod Science Lesson

Gifted & Talented 


Quickly accelerate learning with this intensive group program. 

This is a experiential project-based learning that increases analytical and problem-solving skills while working on a team. 


Private Lessons


Experience a completely tailored learning experience for your child. This is your best option if your child is working towards filling conceptual gaps or looking to get ahead in one or more subjects. Choose from 60 or 90 minute sessions. 

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Play Sessions

Ask About Our Part-Time Program

Play sessions are group sessions are geared to increase communication, creativity, and confidence. Through play, children are able to explore and practice real world scenarios as ongoing classes of a series.