Emotional Intelligence Learning

What is Social-Emotional Learning?
Social- Emotional Learning is knowing how to work with your friends to explain how and why you're feeling a certain way on the emotional spectrum.
Social -Emotional Learning is being able to work collaboratively with a peer make a plan how to respect each other.
Social-Emotional Skills means you can set expectations for ourselves and others.  
Social-emotional means you have self-advocacy skills and confidence to follow through.
Social Emotional skills means you can learn from your mistakes and understand what a better choice would be. Learning happens when we fall. We get up and try again. 
Social Emotional skills mean that when someone walks into the room and still hasn't spoken, you know how they feel. 
Social - Emotional gives us the skills to know what will trigger me and to make a plan to stay balanced and focused using our customized toolboxes. 
Social-Emotional gives us the strength to whole-heartedly give forgiveness, give others respect through communication and give understanding with patience
Social-Emotional skills means the skills needed to "read the room".
Social-Emotional skills means you recognize your limits and can naturally react to regain balance and regulation. 

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