"Go burn some energy; you're restless."

FACT: Research evidence shows that movement, cardiovascular exercise, and sensory movements can enhance the rate of learning by increasing focus, self-control, and speed of cognitive processing. 

Fall Sports

September 23 - November 20

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"At COMPASS kids are encouraged to be themselves and supported to thrive and learn.   Its great for kids who often choose not to participate in typical sports settings to socialize and engage with each other in a safe, fun and welcoming environment."

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What Does That Mean?


September - November


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Flag Football

Flag Football is non-contact variation of the NFL game. Athletes will learn basic skills like throwing, catching, running, and sharing. Learn the rules of the game, run drills and plays just like the professionals do on Sundays.

Ages 6-14



Athletes will increase their endurance while running for longer distances. Runners will also learn how to balance their emotions and find self regulation strategies and increase focus through this cardio based class.

Ages 4-10



You can be any age for swim lessons! Whether you would like to simply teach your younger children basic water safety, or get your older ones to start developing stronger stroke techniques - COMPASS is here to help!



One of our favorite pastimes. Soccer is a kick, run, pass, score kid of game. This sport encourages sharing, waiting turns, communicating, and being social.  In this game, athletes will learn how to run, pass, throw, and "kick and run" while building teamwork skills through social interactions.

Ages 6-11


Rock Climbing

Athletes will work 1:1 with a Gravity Vault instructor while climbing the walls. Children will have the opportunity to complete their homework and participate in structured social opportunities while gaining physical strength.

Ages 6-13



"COMPASS Learning offers a safe and welcoming sports experience to ALL children, meeting every child where they are at, no matter their physical ability   As a parent of a child who is in “the middle” - someone who struggles with self regulation/skills/confidence/etc in “typical" sport settings but isn’t a good fit for programs designed specifically for kids only with special needs - COMPASS offered Theo a place where he could engage in sports activities and be himself without any discrimination or judgement."



Flag Football // Rock Climbing

Running // Swimming



Rock Climbing


Our newest location!

UMC Hackensack Fitness and Wellness Gym

Then we found COMPASS and realized that each program supports his language, play and behavioral needs. He can now swim, play soccer, ski, and make friends. We look forward to our time at 

i-CAN Sports practices. The coaches are amazing. They use constant positive praise and encourage the other children to cheer each other for their friends. My son has a heightened sense of confidence, belonging, and friendship and my husband and I get to proudly say, "We're going to practice today.