Play Sessions

New Social Program for children


"Play Sessions" is a fun new opportunity for children. In this program, a trained COMPASS specialist will connect with your child to improve behavior by advancing their social and emotional skills.

These sessions are designed to bring support and growth in the home and community. Through play we can mentor your child to develop strong social emotional regulation, increase pragmatic language, and learn to expand imaginary play with structured play sessions. 

To get enrolled in this program, a medical diagnosis is not necessary. 

The Research

This intervention strategy utilizes games and play coaching to improve executive function skills in children, according to the Center for Child Development at Harvard University

"The strength of play therapy research appears to
be in the history of and continued ability to conduct successful play therapy studies in natural real-world settings of schools, hospitals, clinics, and shelters." - Temple University 

The research reviewed by psychologists suggest that make-believe games are forerunners of the important capacity for forms of self-regulation including reduced aggression, delay of gratification, civility, and empathy.

-Psychology Today

The Results

The Results:

Ideally, working together with out specialist in both situations will help your family as a unit to grow and to be successful together.

Send us an email with your concerns to get the conversation started.

The Benefits

The Skills

Language Development 

(receptive and expressive) using pragmatic social skills

Social-Emotional Regulation

personal awareness of emotions and best practice coping strategies.


Increase academic performance and needed skills

reading, math, test prep

The Process

Getting Started

Our system of Parent Sessions or troubleshooting conversations with our specialist, in conjunction of Play Sessions, the play date facilitated by our Social Mentor, are research based pedagogy and determined best practice.  

Send an email or text with your name, number, and some of your concerns. Our specialist will return your inquiry to discuss how PLAY Sessions can help your family. 


Send us a message with more information about your family. We will get back to you soon!

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