How It Works

Our program focuses on building a community that believes in communication with expressive language and emotional regulation through 3 the M's.

1. Mindfulness

2. Movement

3. Motivation

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Clubhouse Members

Clubhouse members are committed to a full trimester/ season for ongoing learning in a specific activity. Which means you wont have to individually book sessions every week.  If you're schedule is going to be locked in, this choice is yours.  You will be a member of the clubhouse.

Getting into the clubhouse means you have VIP spot in each class. 



Joining as a community member gives you the options to join other classes which gives flexibility in sessions or days of the week.  If you want to be able to try a few things with the subscription membership. Go for 8 sessions a month to get the biggest benefit!


As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot in any class the week of. This is for those who want to stop in occasionally for some fun. 

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Child & Family Approved

"My daughter was giddy with happiness to go back to camp. The coaches actually care about our kids."