How It Works

First pick a class that you want to register for. 

Then select a membership. 

Our unique membership options bring all of these classes to your finger tips. 

Maybe this week you want to swim and next you want to Rock Climb. Spread your sessions across the month or use them all in the same week.

Its your choice

Claim your advantage and try them all!

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Explore Our Membership Options

Clubhouse Members

Clubhouse members are committed to a full trimester/ season for ongoing learning in a specific activity. Which means you wont have to individually book sessions every week.  If you're schedule is going to be locked in, this choice is yours.  You will be a member of the clubhouse.

Getting into the clubhouse means you have VIP spot in each class. 



Joining as a community member gives you the options to join other classes which gives flexibility in sessions or days of the week.  If you want to be able to try a few things with the subscription membership. Go for 8 sessions a month to get the biggest benefit!


As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot in any class the week of. This is for those who want to stop in occasionally for some fun. 

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