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A Gathering

With Friends

New Social Program for special needs young adults (18+)

Outside Dinner

"A Gathering With Friends" is a new COMPASS opportunity for special needs young adults to connect and socialize with peers of their own age group. This social program will help these adults get more comfortable with and experience things like:

  • Learning to meet with friends at various cafes in New Jersey and New York City

  • Learning to cope with anxiety, overstimulation and fears by leveraging the community and navigating through cities, public transportation, and unfamiliar places

  • Building confidence and skills to travel, expand your social group, and connect with others through community outings

  • Expand your network and begin to regulate social skills in preparing for the workplace

Some activities during these gatherings with friends include weekly dinners, shopping, exercising, bowling, traveling, and much more!

This program will be beginning in January, so register now using the form below! If you have any further suggestions or questions, please email