Home School Pod

This pod style will teach our curriculum, accelerate learning, and build concrete connections both in, and out, of the "classroom" through real-world experience and exploration. 

Homeschooling in New Jersey requires content to be similar to that of the public school system. Our model uses everything the school uses, but with a flexible learning path, and a creative approach. We promise that learning will be FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL. 


Trimester 1

September 9- December 23, 2021

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Indoor Ski
Tues: Pool Party
Thurs: Biking Brigade

Trimester 2

January 3-April 14, 2022

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Digital Photo
Tues: Pool Party
Thurs: STEM
Fri: Movie Critic

Trimester 3

April 25-June 17, 2022

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Paint and Sip
Tues: Pool Party
Thurs: Kickball
Fri: Fun Run

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