Details about Family & Inclusive Ski & Board Program 


 Ski Club Membership includes:

  1.  Ski or snowboarding sessions with our Mountain Mentors in 1:1 or 2:1 sessions. 

  2.  Special rates on season passes to Mountain Creek.   

  3.  COMPASS logo winter hat. 

Mountain Mentor:

Our team of Mountain Mentors are experienced ski and snowboarders who have a background in working with children, as well as with children with special needs. Mountain Mentors have been trained personally by the owner. 

Types of Sessions: 

Private Sessions: These are with one learner and one coach. This is perfect for those riders who are new to the sport or desire more attention to improve skills faster. 


Ski Team: These are small group sessions. All riders MUST be at minimum be able to ride on the blues with parallel form, linking turns together, and can ride from the summit to the base independently. 

Assess Your Child's Ski/Board Level


  • Bunny Hill/Green

  • put on boots

  • walk in boots

  • put on skis/ board

  • slide on feet one foot and two feet locked into equipment

  • straight runs and sliding with a balanced stance

  • gliding wedge to slow down and stop

  • getting up independently after a fall

  • turn to break.

  • make directional changes

  • side slip

  • skating

  • prepare to ride surface lift

  • riding surface lift

  • linked turns (2-3)

  • using linked turns for speed control

  • able to stop at higher speed

  • ride chair lift independently


  • Green/Blue

  • able to load, ride and unload on a chair lift independently

  • make round turns

  • coming to a complete stop on command perpendicular to the mountain

  • chain carving movements into fluency riding

  • control speed through turn shape

  • limit space used on the trail to 1-side. 


  • Master /Blue/Some black, Glades & Trees, moguls

  • parallel turning on intermediate/advanced terrain

  • pivot slips

  • dynamic parallel turns

  • consistence of cadence and maneuvering around the whole mountain

  • control/ shock absorb from bumps and ungroomed terrain

  • independent 1-run ride from summit to base independently.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which mountain do the kids ski & board at?

We go to Mountain Creek (Vernon, NJ) every weekend of January & February (except holidays).

How do I get to the mountain?

Mountain Creek Website
200 NJ-94
Vernon Township, NJ 07462
Where do I get rentals?
  1. Rent for the season from Ski Barn.
  2. Rent from the mountain.