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COMPASS Learning Advantage! 

Jordanna Spaulding

I am Jordanna Spaulding and I am the founder and CEO of COMPASS Learning Advantage. 

I advocate for all children in order to accelerate patterns for cognitive development. With nearly a decade of experience working with children with Autism and ADHD, I bring a strong foundation of best practices supporting optimal growth for all learners. It’s important to acknowledge that no two people are alike and likewise, no two people learn and develop exactly the same. I believe every child is capable of learning notwithstanding of any medical label.  My niche is to navigate children toward their potential by helping them overcome obstacles and guide them back on course to the road to success. My strategy is to discover where children stand and accelerate their learning within the developmental spectrum by implementing custom programs that unlocks their greatest potential. With tailored support, all children can unlock their unique specialties and thrive.

My mission is to provide a 360 degree spectrum of support in diverse opportunities ranging from in-home and community based environments. Without available and appropriate opportunity, gaps within social-emotional, cognitive, motor, and  auditory developments can continue. However, if children are provided with the right support and learning environment, these gaps can close.

COMPASS Learning Advantage has developed I-Can Club Sports. Just as the name states, I-Can Club Sports is designed to include every child. Each class series incorporates a curriculum with universal design. Meaning, every child will benefit from its instruction because it is modified and tailored to meet the needs of all participants. 

I look forward to making positive changes in your child's life.

All the best,

Jordanna Spaulding

Letter to the Parents

Our mission is to ensure that every child has an opportunity to play in the community, develop social skills and make friends, develop a love for something new, or kid gets up and move around with each program. I want to ensure that every kid has as many smile moments as possible by figuring out how to be themselves; how to stand up for themselves and when to be vulnerable to understand someone else needs some help, some compassion, or some empathy. To learn just because someone is having a difficult time doesn't mean that we as bystanders don't recognize that. The noble thing to do is to reach out to give a hand to someone who just needs a little extra help. And applaud achievements. Be confident. Live your dreams on your own terms. 


Through our children, we can bring our community stronger together by teaching patience, acceptance, and nurturing by using meaningful discipline and encouragement. With a stronger sense of community Hoboken can be an even better place to live, work & visit. 


As Marvin Gaye said it well, "we've got to find some way to bring some understanding, here today". 

I can't wait to see the kids smiling at each class. It's my goal to ensure that all children have a fantastic experience and to socialize in supported environments. The temperament of my company is to thrive in whatever it is your good at and to help those who aren't sure yet to try to figure it out. We will help coach each child through conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and self- regulation while encouraging positive peer to peer friendships. 

Get out.   Be Active.   Have Fun.   Make Friends.   Be Social.