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Christen Nelson, MOT, OTR/L has been providing tele-therapy services to her students since March 2020 and focuses on emotional regulation, fine motor/gross motor skills, sensory integration, visual perceptual skills, and self-care skills. 

Christen is trained in "The Zones of Regulation Curriculum" and has been implementing this curriculum with her students to teach self-regulation. She also has attended various sensory integration and behavioral courses over the past few years. Her training has allowed her to implement these strategies while educating her students and their families in both individual and group settings. 

Video: How To Set Goals!


How to help kids make a reasonable and achievable goals


Video : Learn About Mindfulness Principles


Mindfulness can help children build key skills.

4 principles of mindfulness.

- focus

- self control

- self regulation

- emotions


Video: How to Recognize Triggers


In order to understand Mindfulness we have to recognize our own triggers because thoughts and behaviors are results from our own positive & negative experiences


Video: Setting A Plan


Help children set up plans that are attainable goals. Again there are different strategies for different emotions. For children it may mean visualizing it by breaking it down into a list!


Video: Building self-esteem & confidence in children


As children grow there are many methods to help increase their self-love through their self-esteem & confidence!


Video: 5 love languages


The 5 love languages can be for everyone. In this video our Occupational Therapist talks about the different ways of loving and receiving love through the different love languages


Video: Intrinsic Motivation

The goal is to have your child complete a skill based on their personal interest, achievement and enjoyment. Here are tips that can help your children behavior that is driven by internal rewards. 1. Have a open dialogue with them 2. Provide choices 3. Reinforce positive thinking ( I CAN! )