Play Sessions

Social - Emotional Classes

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"Play Sessions" is a fun new opportunity for children. In this program, a trained COMPASS specialist will connect with your child to improve behavior by advancing their social and emotional skills.

These sessions are designed to bring support and growth in the home and community. Through play we can mentor your child to develop strong social emotional regulation, increase pragmatic language, and learn to expand imaginary play with structured play sessions. 

To get enrolled in this program, a medical diagnosis is not necessary. 

Our daytime programming includes classes for youth (ages 5-9) and adults (ages 18-30) who are looking to develop skillsets that lead to navigating independent, healthy lives.


Every class teaches to the individual in a group setting. The magic happens with our advantage. 

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Social Learning

Social activities that focus on emotional development

Emotional Learning

Mindfulness and reflective practices to learn more of ourselves and how we feel.

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The Benefits

Language Development 

  1. Receptive language development with following directions using pragmatic social skills

  2. Expressive language development through verbalization, drawing, and engaging with creative outlets for expression and communication. 

Social-Emotional Regulation

  1. Mindfulness and reflective practices for a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Personal awareness of emotions and best practice coping strategies

  3. Emotional Resiliency and adaptability


  1. Increase academic performance and basic skills and concepts with reading, math, test prep.

  2. Adaptability when working on group projects and community.

  3. Leadership skills develop when you learn how to communicate with a diverse group of peers. 

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Ages 5-9





Ages 18-30