Learning for the 2020-21 school year is going to be the best one yet. 

Learning Support pods are not new to us.

We have been using a small group, tailored instructional pedagogy

for more than a decade.

The new normal for schooling is about to be one full of

adventure and experiences.

Making learning fun is our greatest passion. 

  • Tailored Private Learning

    Monday-Thursday 8:15-3p

    This pod style will teach our learning curriculum. Accelerate learning and build concrete connections in-and out of the "classroom". Learn through real world experience and exploration. 

    Individual Learning Path for Basic Skills Enhancement

    Pick 4 Enrichment sessions/ week 

    (same for the trimester)

  • Learning Support Pods

    Part Time Choose

    Morning 8:15-11:45

    Afternoon 12:30-3

    This pod style will support the virtual learning program provided by your school. We will be your child's learning liaison. 

    Individual Learning Path for basic skills Enhancement

  • More Than Academics

    Monday-Thursday 3-6

    Saturday 9-10:30

    Build confidence and learn the COMPASS lifestyle beyond typical school hours. 

    Our wide variety of enrichment classes have flexible schedules and various membership options. 

    Build confidence and discover your superpowers!


"Compass Learning Advantage is awesome! They hold true to what they stand for, small group, right support and understanding that each child is different. After two sessions with the team, my son is thriving with confidence. 




With Wifi

Individual Learning Path

Basic Skills


More than academics

Whole-Child Approach