The 2021-22 school year is going to be the
BEST one yet. 

Learning Support pods are not new to us.

We have been using a small group, tailored instruction 
for more than a decade.

The new normal for schooling is about to be one full of
adventure and experiences.

Making learning fun is our greatest passion. 

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Learning Pod and Therapy Dog Boomie
Learning Pod Instruction
Learning Pod Science Lesson
Learning Pod Therapy Dog
Learning Pod Astronaut Presentation 2
Learning Pod Pajama Day
Learning Pod Fiend Trip
Learning Pod Reading
Learning Pod Neurodiversity Project
Learning Pod Outdoor Math Lesson
Learning Pod Math 2
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We are going to fully commit to your child's education for the trimester. Each registration is a commitment to the trimester. You will be able to renew your membership half way through the current trimester to secure your spot. 

Each Trimester runs by season:

Trimester 1: September 9 - December 23

Renewal Date: October 29

Trimester 2: January 4 - April 14

Renewal Date: February 28

Trimester 3: April 25 - June 17

Experience Education

At COMPASS, we utilize project-based and experiential learning to engage our students and make learning more meaningful. Through experiences, touching, hearing, and problem solving learning happens when ideas, higher order thinking and concepts can connect together in the real world. 


Individualize Instruction

At COMPASS, we customize all of our instruction to meet the individualized needs of each and every one of our students. Every student will have their own Individualized Learning Path which will track their success, measure rate of learning, and create a clear picture of their strengths and needs. 


Accelerate Achievement

At COMPASS, we are data-proven to accelerate student learning and achievement. The small-group ratio allows us to work directly with your child to ensure they get what they need to get ahead.

School year 2020-21 we had several students start the school year at their typical grade level and end the year several grade levels ahead is certain skills. We are enthusiastic to support growth and learning for all. 

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Not sure where you want your kids to learn this year?

Take advantage of our learning pods. Your children can learn virtually in person. We are flexible and understanding that your needs may change over the year.  This is the perfect option for you to make the choices that you need for the best situation for your family by having the power to choose in person or virtual learning. We understand you may change your mind throughout the year. However, this home school learning pod will be available to you no matter where you choose to learn. 


Remote Instruction Support Pod

Our remote instruction support pod takes place at our clubhouse during school hours. Our staff will help your kids navigate through their online classes with individualized instructional support. 

Pod Classes available:


Learning Pod Social Studies

In- Person

Small Group

Our live in-person pod is offered in two classes. Each class is a blended age group. All students have the benefit to learn at their own pace and accelerate beyond that of their grade level. 

Students of each pod have separate learning spaces and will have limited interactions. 

Pod Classes available:

Pre-K & K


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4- Reasons Homeschooling is your best option