Learning for the 2020-21 school year is going to be the best one yet. 

Learning pods is not new to us.

We have been using a small group, tailored instructional pedagogy

for more than a decade.

The new normal for schooling is about to be one full of

adventure and experiences.

Our research based, data driven curriculum has been proven to accelerate learning, improve academic standing, and fulfill the needs of the whole-child for all learners.

Making learning fun is our greatest passion. 

Chalkboard Drawings


Learn to Love Learning Again

Up to 5 children per pod.

Build a strong connection with the same instructor throughout the year.

We will build a custom instructional plan for each child.


Creatively implement research based best practice strategies to increase rate of learning and skill acquisition. 

Enhance the learning experience with any choice of our enrichment programs.

Practice academic basic skills and apply knowledge to "real-deal" scenarios.

Weather permitting, learning would happen outside as much as possible. 

We will work with your child's school to seamlessly deliver the most unique and creative approach to the

"new normal schooling".

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"Compass Learning Advantage is awesome! They hold true to what they stand for, small group, right support and understanding that each child is different. After two sessions with the team, my son is thriving with confidence. 


Next Steps

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Does This work for multiple grades?

There are so many details that go into making each child's personalized learning plan.


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