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  • Kylene Ronayne

15-Minute, Lower Body Workout for Women

Spring and Summer will be here before you know it! That means it’s almost time to break out those shorts!! COMPASS understands that the chaos that constantly surrounds our lives may sometimes get in the way of setting time aside to take care of ourselves. However, it is so crucial to exercise and stay active when we can. So take advantage of those quick, 15 minute breaks we have during the day with this effective lower body circuit!

Rest :15 in between each exercise, Repeat 1x

Exercise 1:

Side Leg Raise (:30 left, :30 right)

Exercise 2:

Lateral Hop (:45 total)

Exercise 3:

Side lunge (:30 left, :30 right)

Exercise 4:

Butt kicks (:45 total)

Exercise 5:

Side knee raise (:30 left, :30 right)

Exercise 6:

Squat (:45 total)

Exercise 7:

Step ups (:30 left, :30 right)

Exercise 8:

Front lunge twist (:45 total)

Feel the burn and see results fast! Sure to make you break a sweat, this workout is the perfect way to start, end, or just continue on with your day!!

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