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Couch to Couch: A Series Dedicated To Helping Parents

Strange place we are in here. How are you doing? Honestly- How are you doing? I want to know because I deeply care.

Couch to Couch is the life we're now living so lets embrace it together.

Jordanna here - Let's Chat

My background is in special education, ABA (data driven behavior therapy), play therapy (building day-to-day language around emotional coping and social skills using child led approach to meta cognitive thinking through play) and community based interventions. My passion is to develop fun ways to increase social camaraderie among peers. Working with kids and their feelings is my business. Its called, COMPASS Learning Advantage.

Picture on the lift at Mountain Creek from i-CAN Ski Season 2019-2020

This blog series is going to be dedicated to helping parents and kids navigate through a time of social distancing into our new ways of living. We are together with technology now and we will continue to be together again at the parks and gyms. We are in this together for the long game.

I'm opening up a blog series, "Couch to Couch" as a way to connect with you so I can help you manage your children and sanity with

1. Pro tips from our

a) Behaviorist on social emotional regulation and coping strategies.

b) Special Education Teachers on instructional tips to make learning fun and tangible.

c) Occupational therapists for muscular, neurological, gross and fine motor needs.

2. A platform to voice your concerns for your children's social-emotional and motor needs.

The 17 hours of virtual classes a week we have launched has been a really interesting place. I'm learning new things about your kiddos every week, tons of little interesting facts. I can hear what they say, but I also see what they do. Actions speak louder than words. It may not be what he said but how he said. This blog is designed as a platform to connect you directly to advice from our experts

Wouldn't you want to know if there was something going on with your child? Maybe you see it too or maybe you don't. That is what we are here for.

Follow the blog series, "Couch to Couch" you will learn about innovative ways you can help yourself by helping your kids. We don't judge at COMPASS. We're here to figure it out together.

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