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Our adult social club allows adults with disabilities the opportunity to meet new people while exercising their minds and bodies. Participants learn the value of teamwork and determination using the three M's: mindset, movement, and motivation. Our adult social club programs promote mind and body wellness, while building strength and resiliency. 


Adult Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is more than just climbing, it involves decision making, problem solving, visualization, spatial awareness and many other benefits. Rock climbing also provides a sense of achievement and accomplishment as participants reach their goals!!


Adult Art Therapy

Art therapy allows participants a creative outlet to relieve stress and express emotions. A variety of different types of art will be utilized in this program and participants will be able to find their own niche. 


Adult Swim

Swimming is more than just physical exercise. It promotes a healthy and stress-free lifestyle while helping develop confidence and build social skills.

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Adult Ski & Board

Skiing and snowboarding not only  strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, but both help to boost one's overall mood and help improve one's overall sleep!