Get Out and PLAY

The Research

A study completed in 2014 published in the US National Library of Medicine, investigated the "Effects of the FITKids randomized controlled trial on executive control and brain function". 


The Objective:

"assess the effect of a physical activity (PA) intervention on brain and behavioral indices of executive control in preadolescent children".

The Findings:

The intervention enhanced cognitive performance and brain function during tasks requiring greater executive control. These findings demonstrate a causal effect of a PA program on executive control, and provide support for PA for improving childhood cognition and brain health.

Why Choose COMPASS Learning Advantage Athletics?

We believe all children should develop a healthy active-movement lifestyle starting at a young age. Both Skyline Sports and i-CAN Sports are designed to bring all children together through sport. Together we build community, friendship, self-control, and a healthy future. Our beliefs are driven by data research and are evidence based best practice. You won't find another program like it. 

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Competitive co-ed Intramural Sports 

Skills - Focused co-ed Sports 

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I-Can Sports Leagues are designed to teach children the rules of the game. These leagues are for the learner who thrives with small group instruction, minimal environmental stimulation, and language supported instruction. 

Our coaches have over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages. Additionally, our staff have professional or educational background in: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Special Education, and ABA Therapy  (BCBA & RBT). 

Each league is inclusive and structured to meet the social, emotional, sensory and physical needs of every child.

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Skyline Sports Leagues are social groups for children who have similar interests. We want to get more children outside and active. With Skyline Sports, we offer training and conditioning opportunities, as well as athletic and active movement programs for those ages 4+. 

Our coaches have extensive experience in sports training, conditioning, and competition. 

We believe when exercise is balanced between studies and positive social experiences, success is inevitable. 

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