Summer 2020 is going to be one to remember. We want to make this summer all about the things we CAN do.

I invite you to come and hang out with us this summer. 

Join me, my dog Boomie- our therapy dog, and friends, to learn, grow, and have fun. We promise to make this summer memorable. 

AM outside; PM inside

At a Distance

Following Gov. Murphy's suggestions, we will be playing OUTSIDE, activities that allow for personal space, and everything will be non-contact interaction. 

We have 2 locations selected for this. However, if you would like our boutique summer experience brought to your building or with friends of your choosing, let us know. We can come to you.

Each group must be at minimum 4 and at max 6. 


Using ZOOM, we will continue to provide fun & interactive virtual classes. These classes will activate the young mind through creativity and movement. Each class is suited for 6 children. We believe its important to be heard, be seen, and to be supported. With small ratios we are able to give direct instruction and feedback. Small cohorts also allow for each child to be celebrated!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Its not what we want to think about, but its likely to rain a few times a week. If this summer is anything like last, we had rain some part of almost every day. Be prepared and get a class pack to jump in to our drop-in classes t be prepared for these inevitable days inside. 

Its best to have a back-up plan than to figure it out when it happens. 

We are making this choice as easy as it can be.