Supportive Instruction

Supportive Instruction will be tailored to your child's school curriculum. High-quality teaching that supports connections in-and out of the "classroom". Learn in a community with friends through real world experience and exploration. 

Homeschooling in New Jersey require content be similar to that of the public school system. Our model uses everything the school use, with a flexible learning path and a creative approach, learning will be FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL. 


Trimester 1

September 9- December 21, 2021

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Indoor Ski
Tues: Pool Party
Play Sessions.jpg

Trimester 2

January 3-April 14, 2022

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Digital Photo
Thurs: STEM
Fri: Movie Critic

Trimester 3

April 25-June 17, 2022

Enrichment Classes Available

Mon: Paint and Sip
Tues: Pool Party
Thurs: Kickball
Fri: Fun Run