Supportive Instruction will be tailored to your child's school curriculum. High-quality teaching that supports connections in-and out of the "classroom". Learn in a community with friends through real world experience and exploration. 

Homeschooling in New Jersey require content be similar to that of the public school system. Our model uses everything the school use, with a flexible learning path and a creative approach, learning will be FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL. 

  • Tailored Private Learning

    Common Core Standards

    Data driven

    Specialized instructional approach

    Whole Child Learning

    Build confidence and accelerate learning

    Learn at your own rate. 

    Real-world community based learning

    5:1 ratio

  • Wifi On The Go

    Stay connected and learn with our Wifi in the parks. 

    We will spend the majority of the day outside. 

    We will need a "host family" to leave some items and use this space as an inclement weather contingency. 

    Don't miss a beat. Get ahead.

  • More Than Academics

    Your pod can choose which enrichment programs you want. 

    The whole-child approach includes our emotional responses to ourselves and to our peers. 

    Learn beyond the books.

    Grow as a stronger leader.

Trimester 1

September 8- December 18, 2020

Enrichment Classes Available

Trimester 2

January 4-April 16, 2021

Enrichment Classes Available

Trimester 3

April 26-June 18

Enrichment Classes Available

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