Swim Intensive

4:1 Group Lessons

Swim Intensive Beginner

Is a group class that teaches swim through social interactions, games to build fundamental skills in the pool. This class teaches children how to interact and play 

in the water while increasing water safety and swimming strokes. 

With this class, swimmers will be able to increase their freestyle, backstroke, float, and water safety and survival skills. 

Swim Intensive Advanced

Is a group class that advances swimmers skill level by focusing on skills in and out of the pool. This is the perfect option to elevate swimming to the next level while working to discover is competitive swimming is for you. 

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Two Ways To Register

Each class is available as a trimester package or as a membership subscription. 


A package relieves you of booking each session.
This type of registration locks you into every session offered for the trimester.
This does not allow for week to week flexibility, but does offer structure and consistency.

Choose which day of the week you want to commit to for the trimester.
Secure your spot and know your schedule for weeks to come. 


A membership brings the most flexibility.

You can bounce around from week to week, jumping into different days of the week each week!

Choose the membership that works best for you!