Private Lesson Tutoring 


When learning isn't fun, it's a lot harder than it needs to be. We inspire kids with a passion for learning. Our academic mission is to transition perspective from negative to positive by identifying what type of leaner your child is and then building a creative toolbox to enhance his or her personal learning style. We assess more than your child's grade level ability. We include criterion that develop a 'Whole-Child' profile to accelerate learning. 

Tutors are here to help your child achieve better grades in math, reading, and life skills for grades K-12. 

  • Our teachers think outside of the box to enhance your learning experience.

  • Our structure of teaching will help grow your child's skills and increase your child's insight in core subjects. 

"Compass Learning Advantage is awesome! They hold true to what they stand for, small group, right support and understanding that each child is different. After two sessions with the team, my son has more confidence. Excited to see what our 4th season with the team holds. See you in January :)" - Proud Mama


Beginner: Start at any age.

This level teaches essential elements to Literacy and Math. Reinforce all of the behaviors, motivation and core skills to becoming a life-long learner. 


Progressing: You're able to practice on your own. Start gaining fluency, attention endurance, and establish your skills as concrete with confidence.  Begin to learn through experience with motivating projects. Develop personal preferences to organization, motivation, and goal setting. 


Gifted & Talented: Think ahead, create, build, and explore on a team. Develop teamwork skills, ignite your passion for challenging tasks, and spark project management skills.