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What is Adaptive Education?


Experiential Education

Learn more about what you want through a guided project. Ask the important questions and learn how to find the answers. Learn through practical experiences and become immersed in learning more. Use your skills and gain new skills through personal interests in your project. EXPERIENCE Learning.



Repeated opportunities lead to mastery. Skills we gain must be maintained and used as often as possible. Reinforcing skills creates confidence but also helps the brain to grow. Become highly immersed in practical opportunities to build stronger connections with the community around us. 



Higher order thinking skills allow children to explore through cause and effect, sequencing of events, and drawing conclusions. Problem solving skills are crucial for success. These executive functioning skills are developed in an environment that focuses on acquisition rather than test scores. 

Our instructors are here to help your child achieve better grades in math, reading, and life skills for grades K-12. 

  • Our teachers think outside of the box to enhance your child's learning experience.

  • Our structure of teaching will help grow your child's skills and increase your child's insight in core subjects. 

Fall 2022 FUNdamentals Math and Literacy classes are offered as trimester group appointments lasting 12 weeks.


Classes are held at the COMPASS Clubhouse

84 Washington Street, 4th Floor

Hoboken, NJ

Fall Trimester:
September 12 through December 19