The most powerful and meaningful lessons are learned outside of school. These values and morals are what helps us to navigate the rest of our lives. They determine how we treat ourselves and the people around us. The best way to learn is to first, try.

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These online courses will dig in to the most diverse class selection you will find. With an intimate 6 students maximum class capacity, your child(ren) will have the direct instruction, support, and opportunity to ask questions and be heard.

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Take a sneak peak at any of our classes and drop in as you wish. Try um' all and discover a new passion or hobby.

Classes are first come, first, serve. 

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6-week Courses

Starting the week of July 6, 2020


Creative Cognition and Movement towards Healing

 Build your own schedule and stay with the same cohort for all 6 weeks. 

Each class will meet 2 times a week on designated times and days. 

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Video: Full Body Active Movements

Warm up: Cat Cow

Exercises: Plank, Mountain Climber, Big Jumps, Superman Pose

Stretches: Leg Balance, Arm Crossover, Flap Your Wings





"Compass Learning Advantage is awesome! They hold true to what they stand for, small group, right support and understanding that each child is different. After two sessions with the team, my son is thriving with confidence. 


How do you know if you like it unless you try?

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