Functional Swim Through Play and Exploration

"Swimmers, Get Ready"

COMPASS Aquatics Instructional Philosophy:

Water safety and functional survival skills are crucial for all.
This unique water play and swim program is fit for all level learners.
We make pool & water experiences positive and fun.

Functional Skills are the skills required to get from one place to another. Using motivation and a relaxed learning environment with play, trust established over time with your instructor, and personal interest navigating a pool, functional skills quickly become swimming strokes. 

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Ways to Learn


Private Lessons

M, T, Th, Sa

Registration Options

1. Private 30 minutes (for ages 4>)

2. Private 45 minutes (for ages 5+)

3. Shared 45 minutes (for friends)

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M, T, Th, Sa

Join us for some fun in the pool. Build stronger connections with yourself and your friends in this fun hybrid, play and instructional class. 


Swim Intensive 

M, T, Th, Sa

4:1 ratio. Quickly accelerate learning with this intensive program. 

For best results, must commit to the entire season.

Choose from our beginner class or advanced class. 

About Our Aquatics Program


Beginner: Start at any age.

This level teaches functional water safety skills. Learn how to float, how to controlled breathing, get to a safe place before panicking when in deep water, and become familiar with your own boundaries in water. 

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Progressive: You're swimming on your own. Start getting stronger, increase endurance and independently swim with 2 strokes. 

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Competitive Training: Swim to Win. Train like the team you want to be on does now and you'll be sure to have the skills and confidence at tryouts. 

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Test Your Skills: Community Benefits Register for one of our swim events. All proceeds and drive items will be donated to a charity within the local community. 

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All Ages

Starting early with babies through adulthood, our water and swim mentors use a unique approach to instruction through play. We offer private and group swim intensive sessions for both beginners and advances swimmers.


With our enrichment membership you can drop into swim as well as the other class types offered. 

Functional Swim & Water Safety Skills

Our program addresses the functional need to be able to move around in the water, know how to get yourself into a safe situation and grow into a strong and confident swimmer with:

1. Freestyle

2. Backstroke

3. Breast Stroke

4. Elementary Backstroke 

5. Advanced swimming skills & strokes

Is it for you? 

Specializing with children who are

1. Nervous

2. Scared to take a risk

3. Have tried other programs without much success. 

The Benefits

Watch your little fish develop swim & water safety skills faster with more willingness to try and feel confident and in control right before your eyes.

Starting with feeling in control while in the water, floating on your back and stomach and effectively moving around the pool are all naturally embedded into our water play and swim program. With little stress and low anxiety, our integrated play approach is the answer to your swimming needs. 


The Location

Xcel Fitness Pool

125 Marshall St.

Hoboken, NJ

"I couldn't believe how much time my child spent sitting on the edge of the pool with other another program."
"With COMPASS he was in the pool for the full session, was happier and learned to swim more in the first few sessions than in months with another program. Highly recommend."