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About Special Education

Special Education

Why Our Class?

The specialty school that accelerates learning.

COMPASS "Academic Learning Class" is designed to accelerate your child's learning through a behavior regulation scope. With our tailored approach to learning, your child is guaranteed to learn more this year than any other year they have been in school. 

Designed for the ages of 4 -7, COMPASS helps children find the motivation they need to achieve the success they are truly capable of through recreational and real-world exploration. 

We work with children who …

  • Are on a different track for development, both delayed and accelerated,

  • Having difficulties in their current school setting,

  • Need a small group setting with limited stimulation and hyper-focused learning experience.

We help children…

  • Self-regulate and deal with impulses,

  • Improve their fine motor skills,

  • Improve communication skills,

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving,

  • Social and emotional development.


What Are The Benefits?


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Our Impact On Your Child's Learning

Our clubhouse is designed to help children self-regulate, and focus better while accelerating their learning by providing the space, the tools, the time, and the guidance they need to succeed.


All classes are held at our COMPASS Clubhouse, 84 Washington Street, 4th Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Full-Time Subscription

Sign up for our full day program to be a part of our program everyday for a trimester.

  • For grades PreK–3 in a class of 6

  • 5 days a week, Monday through Friday

  • 9am to 3:00pm

  • Runs September through June

  • Cost is for 4 months, billed monthly

Part-Time Subscription

You can also enroll to our Academic Learning Class by choosing a part-time option for the semester.

  • For grades PreK–3 in a class of 6

  • 9:00am to 1:00pm

  • Runs September through June

  • (Joining later in the school year is possible after a private evaluation is scheduled)

Make Learning Fun

This Is Going To Be Your Best School Year Yet!


Project Based Learning

Experiential Education


Learn more about what you want through a guided project. Ask the important questions and learn how to find the answers. Learn through practical experiences and become immersed in learning more. Use your skills and gain new skills through personal interests in your project. EXPERIENCE Learning.

Reinforce skills



Repeated opportunities lead to mastery. Skills we gain must be maintained and used as often as possible. Reinforcing skills creates confidence but also helps the brain to grow. Become highly immersed in practical opportunities to build stronger connections with the community around us.

Problem Solving



Higher order thinking skills allow children to explore through cause and effect, sequencing of events, and drawing conclusions. Problem solving skills are crucial for success. These executive functioning skills are developed in an environment that focuses on acquisition rather than test scores. 

Children in Classroom
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