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Summer Program

summer camp in Hoboken and camp in Jersey City

Best Summer Ever

Stay Local and Maximize the Fun

Spend your summer with us to connect with friends and to stay active. COMPASS Summer Outdoor Program is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun. Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home. Summer programs are known for providing a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills. All participants must work independently at a 6:1 ratio.


COMPASS Summer Program runs for 10 weeks and you choose the weeks you would like to attend. Half and full day options are available but you must register for a minimum of 2 weeks. The program includes STEM, arts & crafts, recreation, and team building. Only full day campers will participate in 1 hour of swimming or rock climbing in the afternoons.

Our goal for this program is to ensure SAFETY and SUCESS are our top priorities. 

For more information email our Customer Service  or our Head Program Counselor Dazzlin Peguero.

*COMPASS reserves the right to assess a child's eligibility for any community program. 

This is going to be the best summer yet!

My daughter was giddy with happiness to go back to camp. The coaches actually care about our kids. 

Sample Activities

paper bird feeder.jpg

Bird Feeder

Ages 4–5


A super fun and toddler-friendly variation of sustainable bird feeders! The bird feeder can be supported by paper towel rolls, compostable recycled paper, or recycled water bottles. 

tie dye

D.I.Y. Tie-Dye

Ages 5–11

A colorful and creative activity that is fun for all ages! Camp coaches will provide the children with a COMPASS t-shirt or tank every week that can be designed in multiple ways. 

D.I.Y Ice Cream

Ages 4–5

The ice cream consist of milk, sugar, flavor, and toppings. Campers will pour everything into bags and shake by assisted by a camp coach. Then add topping of choice.

Treasure Hunt.jpg

Treasure Hunt

Ages 5–11

Campers will be divided into two teams. Clues as to where the toys are hidden will be given. Campers will have to work together as a team to find the toys before the other team.

therapy dog to overcome fears and anxiety

Register Today

Program Information

  • Summer only

  • In groups of Ages 4–11

  • Runs for 10 weeks everyday and you choose the weeks you would like to attend.

  • One time cost

  • Times are as follows:

    • Full Day: 8:30am-5:00pm (3 Days Swim and 2 Days Rock-Climbing)

    • Half Day: 8:30am-1:00pm (without swim and rock-climbing)

    • 3 day swim option: 8:30AM-5PM (Mon, Tue, Thurs.)

The program is run at different locations each day for half and full days. Click below to see the schedule and addresses for both drop-off and pick-up.

Registration for Summer 2023 is open now. Click on the button below to sign up. We can't wait to see you in the summer!

Important to Know

  • During drop off you will need to initial your signature next to your child's name.

  • If there is rain or a heat advisory the campers will stay at the Clubhouse. Jocelyn will send a mass text and email of any changes.

  • Please email Jocelyn or call 551.252.0428 for any of the following reasons:

    • You are running late

    • Your child will not be attending camp

    • If your child is positive for COVID-19 (Your child can return back once they finish their quarantine)

summer camp in Hoboken

Our Camp Standards

We Provide The Best Animal Therapy

Our Therapy Dog

Boomhauer "Boomie" is our in house therapy dog. He is always open to some love, hugs, and cuddles. Boomie has a calm presence that will enhance your summer experience. Boomie will stop in to most of the outdoor experiences- to hang out on the sidelines, and to offer you comfort and companionship.


We Take Pride In Health And Safety Standards

Outside Play

We play outside and promote activities that allow for personal space whenever possible.


Every tool, toy, or piece of equipment will be sanitized and cleaned with appropriate products to limit the spread of germs. Participants will be asked to use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently and thoroughly. 

Small Group Setting

Each week that you register for camp we will be creating small cohorts.

These are the same up for the entire week. All participants must meet eligibility for group settings with a 6:1 ratio. 

*COMPASS reserves the right to assess a child's eligibility for any community program. 

Boomie the Therapy dog
best summer camp in Hoboken
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COMPASS Experience

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