Designed for EVERYONE

COMPASS Learning Advantage is an educational and recreational company that offers a variety of services to help children develop a healthy and happy lifestyle.

COMPASS promotes mind and body wellness using athletics and academics to strengthen communication skills and enhance emotional intelligence.

We believe life is better with exercise, peer-to-peer connections, strategic program design and a supportive environment to flourish.

Through recreational activities and individualized learning opportunities, children become life-long learners through mindfulness, movement and motivation.

COMPASS embraces neurodiversity, celebrates inclusion, and specializes in Autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder and language communication needs.

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Why is the Advantage for you?

Our instructors:

  • Certified

  • Highly qualified experts 

  • Thrive to share their passion and love for the COMPASS lifestyle. 

A community that believes in quality services so participants:

  • Build confidence

  • Develop the skills to communicate

  • Everyone is celebrated

A judgement-free safe-space where everyone is:

  • accepted

  • encouraged

  • supported

Child & Family Approved

"You are so so so amazing. You have taken him to new heights in ways I always hoped for but seemed so far. I’m so grateful to you and all you do not only for my son but everyone you touch." 

"Thank you so much Jordanna. "K" just LOVED the experience. She couldn't stop talking about it the whole weekend and so up for the class next week with Jordan again :)" 

The Clubhouse

COMPASS Clubhouse  

84 Washington Street

4th Floor

Hoboken, New Jersey

Other Locations

The Gravity Vault

Xcel Fitness Pool

Pier A

Mountain Creek Ski Resort