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What makes COMPASS Learning Advantage Unique 

Our keen focus on communication skills ensures that all children learn how to advocate for themselves and others. 

A place where kids build confidence, make friends, and the courage to be yourself

Providing a judgement-free safe-space where everyone is accepted, encouraged, and supported

Explore Our Membership Options

Clubhouse Members

Clubhouse members are committed to a full trimester/ season for ongoing learning in a specific activity. Which means you wont have to individually book sessions every week.  If you're schedule is going to be locked in, this choice is yours.  You will be a member of the clubhouse.

Getting into the clubhouse means you have VIP spot in each class. 



Joining as a community member gives you the options to join other classes which gives flexibility in sessions or days of the week.  If you want to be able to try a few things with the subscription membership. Go for 8 sessions a month to get the biggest benefit!


As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot in any class the week of. This is for those who want to stop in occasionally for some fun. 

  • Pod Learning

    Small group learning to meet your child's needs based on their performance & need for support in content areas

  • After School Enrichment

    Engage in weekly activities ranging from rock climbing, yoga, kickball and arts & crafts

  • Ski & Board

    Hit the slopes at Mt. Creek this winter with our exclusive ski/board package 

  • Tutoring

    Book a virtual 1:1 tutor

    - School enrichment

    - Language tutor (Spanish & Italian)

  • Preteens + Adults

    Providing a social space for adults with special needs to be active with their peers

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Child & Family Approved

"I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to our days.  My son is so excited and counts down the minutes to his new virtual friends classes!! 

Explore our Classes

Hoboken, New Jersey  

The Gravity Vault

SkyClub Fitness

Maxwell Pavillion

Vernon, New Jersey  

Mountain Creek Ski Resort


Stowe Mountain, Stowe 

Okemo, Ludlow