Virtual play classes for kids

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We built an engaging & effective Virtual curriculum so everyone can join from their home

What makes COMPASS Learning Advantage Unique: 

Includes and tailors instruction to children with

cognitive needs and their peers cooperatively


A place where kids build confidence, make friends, and the courage to be yourself

Providing a judgement-free, safe-space where everyone is accepted, encouraged, and supported

 What is the Advantage?

We believe in the active balance of

mind, body, soul by,

1. Gaining control in fitness 

2. Releasing your emotions with play

3. Focusing on Learning

Community Based Services for children who:

1. Thrive with small group instruction

2. Are nervous to learn something new

3. Struggle with social emotional regulation and coping strategies

4. Impulse control or struggle to paying attention

5. Problem solving or conflict resolution and analytical skills

6. Generally give up quickly

See the Power of Friendship

Let your child experience the best enrichment program with educational & recreational options.  A new class every day will keep your child entertained, learning, and connected to their friends 

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Child & Family Approved

"I was looking for a program that is outdoors that could teach my very active child the required play skills in the way she understood.  I came across Compass Learning and i-Can sports during my research.  I was very impressed with the summer camp plan that they provided and we started off with.  Jordanna is fantastic - She is much loved by both my girls.  We have done multiple programs with Compass. Kickball, Soccer, Biking, Skiing and have loved them all.  I highly recommend the programs offered by them!"

I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to our days.  My son is so excited and counts down the minutes to his new virtual friends classes!! 

You have really produced a platform to make our children feel normalcy and social joy that we cannot provide!  Your faces, energy, and support is what has got my son into loving to learn again!

"My child requires specialized attention for her cognitive, motor and behavioral needs. It was important that the instructor have experience and knowledge, but more importantly, a passion for working with children with special needs. COMPASS exceeded expectations. I was pleased that my child gained skills, enjoyed being in the pool, and took direction. Jordanna offered her a perfect balance of structure, compassion and fun.​"


Hoboken, New Jersey  

The Gravity Vault

SkyClub Fitness

Vernon, New Jersey  

Mountain Creek Ski Resort

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