Your Guide To Fall 2020


The Benefits

We're teaching all children how to be flexible in awareness when actively participating in social engagements.

What makes COMPASS Learning Advantage Unique: 

Our keen focus on communication skills ensures that all children learn how to advocate for themselves and others. 

A place where kids build confidence, make friends, and the courage to be yourself

Providing a judgement-free safe-space where everyone is accepted, encouraged, and supported

Learn About Our Classes

Pod Learning

Small group learning to meet your child's needs based on their performance & need for support in content areas

After School Enrichment

Engage in weekly activities ranging from rock climbing, yoga, kickball and arts & crafts


From medically necessary to social and fit we offer 3 different options to get everyone biking


Child & Family Approved

"I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to our days.  My son is so excited and counts down the minutes to his new virtual friends classes!! 

Hoboken, New Jersey  

The Gravity Vault

SkyClub Fitness

Maxwell Pavillion

Vernon, New Jersey  

Mountain Creek Ski Resort