Your Guide To Summer 2020

COMPASS is an inclusive community that focuses on all aspects of whole life health to help members create their best life possible. We provide experiences that are designed to enhance communication skills while building healthy hobbies and relationships. 

What makes COMPASS Learning Advantage Unique: 

Our keen focus on communication skills ensures that all children learn how to advocate for themselves and others. 

A place where kids build confidence, make friends, and the courage to be yourself

Providing a judgement-free safe-space where everyone is accepted, encouraged, and supported


The Benefits

We're teaching all children how to be flexible in awareness when actively participating in social engagements.

See the Power of Friendship

Let your child experience the best enrichment program with educational & recreational options.  A new class every day will keep your child entertained, learning, and connected to their friends 

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Hoboken, New Jersey  

The Gravity Vault

SkyClub Fitness

Maxwell Pavillion

Vernon, New Jersey  

Mountain Creek Ski Resort

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