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What is the Advantage?

We believe in the active balance of

mind, body, soul by,

1. Gaining control in fitness 

2. Releasing your emotions with play

3. Focusing on Learning

A Community Based Special Needs Service Provider


Personalized in-Home Support

We specialize with creative instructional approach for learners by increasing confidence, focus, and drive to achieve better grades. Our Data driven services are guaranteed to help any learner. 

Health & Wellness

. i-CAN Sports are a series recreational therapy and adaptive sports geared towards developmental, social emotional needs of all children. Ages 18mo-14

Community Services

Get social with our events, parties, and birthdays. Lets us host your next get together. 

COMPASS Learning Advantage serves your community by:

1. Including children with special needs and their peers collectively.

2. Build confidence, make friends, and the courage to be yourself.

3. A judgement-free, safe-space where everyone is accepted, encouraged, and supported.                          

Up-Coming Events

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Perfect Summer

What keeps you positive?

Let your child experience their best summer yet with our full day options.  A new adventure every week will keep your child entertained, learning, and fit over the summer. 

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A sneak peek of what is to come this spring ! Our spring lineup include a lot of fitness classes from the winter with some additional outdoor activities such as Running & Kickball


Weekly Schedule 


Teamwork Strategy Games

Rock Climb


Intro to Fitness


Child & Family Approved

"I was looking for a program that is outdoors that could teach my very active child the required play skills in the way she understood.  I came across Compass Learning and i-Can sports during my research.  I was very impressed with the summer camp plan that they provided and we started off with.  Jordanna is fantastic - She is much loved by both my girls.  We have done multiple programs with Compass. Kickball, Soccer, Biking, Skiing and have loved them all.  I highly recommend the programs offered by them!"

"COMPASS mentors are great at teaching; they are able to make the child WANT to do the activity and LEARN the skill quickly." 

"My child requires specialized attention for her cognitive, motor and behavioral needs. It was important that the instructor have experience and knowledge, but more importantly, a passion for working with children with special needs. COMPASS exceeded expectations. I was pleased that my child gained skills, enjoyed being in the pool, and took direction. Jordanna offered her a perfect balance of structure, compassion and fun.​"

Additional Options

Get a 1:1 for group classes

Some kids just need a little extra help. 

Add a 1:1 to any group activity for maximum to moderate support. 


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