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Swim Intensive

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Tailored For You

With our program you pick the level you are so you feel most comfortable about swimming. There are multiple classes from never swimming to advanced. The classes are designed so you can move to the next level.


Our COMPASS best practice philosophy is the more time in the pool consistently, the greater the advantage. Each session gives swimmers time to practice their skills play in their own way. Sessions are designed to bring space for self-exploration, direct instruction, and generalization through play.

Program Information

  • Ages 6 months–Adult

  • Membership program for 4 months

  • One-time payment for 13 sessions at 60 minutes per session

  • Runs one day a week of either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday depending on level

  • Times depend on level and day

  • In groups of 4 or 6

  • Optional add-on 3:00pm school pick up with walking transportation in Hoboken (at select schools)

  • All sessions are held at XCEL Pool, 125 Marshall St 7th floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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With COMPASS he was in the pool for the full session, was happier and learned to swim more in the first few sessions than in months with another program. Highly recommend.

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water safety, breathing technique

Rubber Duckies

Mommy & Me 

Ages 12–30 months

Groups of 6 to 1

Sat 9am–9:30am

Classes are designed to get your baby acclimated to the pool. Designed to be fun and simple. Splash and get comfortable on your back.

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Ages 5–6

Groups of 4 to 1

Mon or Tue 4–5pm or Sat 10-11am

Independently swimming up to 5 feet in the following conditions: underwater, freestyle & backstroke strokes, jumping in and getting to safety, and using water safety skills in moderately deep water.



Never Ever

Ages 18+

Groups of 6 to 1

Thur 5pm-6pm

It's never too late. Learn to swim in your own way. Swimmers will learn water safety, back float, belly float, swim underwater, blow bubbles, and jump in with confidence.


Sea Turtles


Ages 2–3

Groups of 4 to 1

Mon 4:15pm-5pm

Sat 9:30am-10:15am

For young kids that are above the Mommy & Me level. Get comfortable in the water and learn fundamental techniques.




Ages 5–7

Groups of 6 to 1

Mon 5pm-6pm or Tue 5pm-6pm

Breathing is fundamental. Swimmers will be able to swim a full freestyle and backstroke using breathing techniques both on top and underwater up to 15 feet without stopping.


Puffer Fish

Never Ever

Ages 3–5

Groups of 4 to 1

Thurs 4pm-5pm or Sat 11am-12pm

Let's get started to learn to swim. Swimmers will learn water safety, back float, belly float, swim underwater, blow bubbles, and jump in with confidence. Designed to be fun and simple.


Spinner Dolphins

Advanced 1

Ages 6–8

Groups of 6 to 1

Thur 4pm-5pm

Swimmers will be able to swim freestyle and backstroke with proper breathing strategies independently. The goal of this class is for swimmers confidence, strength and endurance.

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