Summer Camp 2022

In-Person Summer Camp
Hoboken, NJ


This Advantage

Is Yours

Half and Full Day Options Available.

*Must register for a minimum of 2-weeks.

Add extended day to stay until 5:30p

Full Day Schedule of Activities

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Summer  Camp 2022 (8).png
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Pool Days
Tuesdays, and 
Drop Off @ Pier A 

Pick Up @ Xcel Fitness

Rock Climbing Days
Drop Off @ Maxwell Park

Pick Up @ Gravity Vault

* On Wednesdays & Fridays, children under 5 will stay at Columbus Park
to play in the sprinkler and on playground.

Half Day Schedule of Activities

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Sample Activities


Bird Feeder

(ages 3.5-4.5)

A super fun, colorful and toddler-friendly variation of sustainable bird feeders!

The bird feeder can be supported by paper towel rolls, compostable recycled paper, or recycled water bottles. The children will be able to apply peanut butter and seeds on the bird feeder with a spatula for the bird food. The bird feeder can be stationary or hung by string. The string can be regular string or decorated with a craft of their liking. Please let us know of any allergies, peanut butter and seeds can be substituted.



(ages 5-11)

A colorful and creative activity that is friendly for all ages! Camp coaches will provide the children with a COMPASS t-shirt or tank every week that can be designed in multiple ways. The children will follow simple patterns and folding techniques for a cool design. The children are also welcomed to bring their own t-shirts, masks, and even sweatpants to design!

It is encouraged for parents to pack a zip lock bag for the kids to store their wet/dyed shirts after camp.

Ice Cream 


(ages 3.5-4.5)

DIY ice cream in a bag for a delicious and refreshing summer snack!

 This activity is a science experiment that meets cooking class! The ice cream consist of milk, sugar, flavor, and toppings. The children will be able to pour the contents into bags and shake by following simple toddler friendly instructions assisted by a camp coach. Topping of choice will be the last step before enjoying a delicious summer desert. Please let us know of any allergies, milk and toppings can be substituted.



(ages 5-11)

An energetic and team building activity to get the day started!

Campers will be divided into two teams. Camp coaches will hand each team three clues as to where the toys are hidden. Campers will have to work together as a team to find the toys before the other team figures it out.

This is a great ice-breaker for kids who have trouble sharing about themselves or working with others; it's effortless and fun! The winning team wins a prize from the prize box.


Camp Testimonials 

"My daughter was giddy with happiness to go back to camp. The coaches actually care about our kids" 




Boomie is our in house therapy dog. He is always open to some love, hugs, and cuddles. Boomie has a calm presence that will enhance your summer experience. Boomie will stop in to most of the outdoor experiences- to hang out on the sidelines, and to offer you comfort and companionship.