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  • Kylene Ronayne

5 Snacks To Try Before The Summer Ends

The summer is winding down. Fast. What better way to wrap up this hot time of year than with some delicious snacks that will be sure to cool you off?

1. Banana Split Sticks

An alternative to the classic ice cream banana split that everyone adores. Perfect for a children's party or barbecue!

Ingredients & Recipe:

2. Berry Peach Smoothie

Thick and creamy without being too sweet, this cool refreshment is a healthy snack sure to make you and your kids wanting more!

Ingredients & Recipe:

3. Frozen Mango, Kiwi, Raspberry Pops

For all those fruit lovers out there, this fruit pop is refreshing and sweet. Not to mention super pretty and colorful!

Ingredients & Recipe:

4. Cherry Icee

These icee’s are perfectly delicious, especially by the pool or at the lake. If you want the perfect drink to share with the whole family then be sure to give this delicious one a try today!

Ingredients & Recipe:

5. Frozen Watermelon Push-Pops

Watermelon is everyone's favorite this time of year, so why not take some time and enjoy your watermelon in the best way!

Ingredients & Recipe:

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