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How to Boost Brain Function for School and more.

Rock Climbing is a group and solo sport. It’s the perfect hybrid for a child who does not like competitive sports. In the sense of Rock Climbing as a group sport, usually climbers are working with a belayer, or someone who is managing the ropes, harnesses, and climbing tips from the ground. Rock Climbing is a solo sport because each time you climb, its at your own personal pace. You can climb simple walls, the most challenging, or anything in between. Children who don’t have a clear competitive drive can feel successful at rock climbing because of this.

Between sitting at school, sitting to do your homework, sitting while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sitting while watching TV, reading, or on any computer or tablet our children deserve to learn how their bodies are designed and what they’re capable of.

5- benefits of Rock Climbing for ALL Children.

  1. Positively Increase Personal Image And Self-Worth

  2. Physical Strength And Endurance

  3. Build Muscle And Coordination

  4. Boosts Brain Function.

  5. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Join us Every Wednesday to build confidence, increase self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety and boost brain function for the new school year.

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