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Meet our Guest Vendors - the summer camp line-up at COMPASS Summer Camp

Updated: May 6

We are very excited about our summer camp program this year for multiple reasons. Compass Learning Advantage is moving to a new clubhouse on 101 Park Avenue with more light and space for the upcoming programming. We also bring in our Aquatic team for 3 swim intensive weeks when the children can progress throughout a 5-day afternoon swim with pre- and post-evaluation. The children will also be in the swimming pool with us all other weeks 3 times per week.

But the best part is our fantastic line-up of local vendors who will enhance our programming this year.

I am starting the introduction with a WORLD CHAMPION BALLOON ARTIST, Dave Brenn who will visit the campers during "Carnival Week". Dave has traveled the globe, teaching and performing at the top levels of the balloon art world. He has performed at Disneyland, red carpet galas for Pixar, and multiple TV appearances including the Disney Chanel and Dreamworks TV, and he was a lead designer on multiple Guinness World Record-Breaking balloon sculptures in China. There’s nothing he can’t make with balloons, and he will be with us to share his knowledge and teach your children how to make those amazing balloon arts.

As art is a fantastic way of nurturing and developing children's creativity, we are collaborating with Cre8sArt School to teach the children canvas painting strategies and follow step-by-step directions on creating their masterpieces. Through these experiences, artists will explore the Impressionist genre with works of art inspired by Van Gough, Monet, and Renoir.

Our Culinary Week will be filled not only with delicious crafts, but the campers will be hands-on chefs with Boomerang Bites. The Hoboken-based women-owned artisanal bakery that hand-bakes bite-sized Aussie 'slice' recipes using the finest ingredients with no artificial preservatives or flavors will teach your children how to make shortbread cookies and how to decorate them. And they will go home with a treat for you. Yammy!

They will also make pizza dough and learn about food preparation, healthy ingredients, and hygiene in the kitchen.

Our beloved therapy dog, Boomie is taking care of his mama and his new family member, Jordanna's baby, but the kids will not be left without a doggy.

Our Animal Week is all about our favorite animals let they be reptiles or furry paw friends. Harper, the beautiful and kind retriever will stop in to see you during our "Dinosaurs, Reptiles and Other Animals Week" to hang out on the sidelines, and to offer you comfort and companionship.

Last year's favorite guest was NJ Snake Man. We have invited him and his scaly friends to inspire the young generation with this unforgettable experience. The campers will not only learn about their natural habitat, their diet, and their lives in nature, but they will get a chance to hold them and pat them. I promise they won't take them back home.

There is no party without face painting. Shelly and her team are not only excited to bring their unique creative joy and beauty to your community but are also inspired to help create and develop artistic curiosities in our children! The children will get to choose from face painting, arm- or hand art.

Cognitive development goes hand in hand with physical development, and one of the best ways to develop creative and strategic thinking is through sports. Our campers will go outdoors to practice various sports throughout the summer, but we can't have our

We believe that new heights can always be reached, not only on walls but in all aspects of life. The best way to achieve these heights is together. We're excited to work with Gravity Vault this summer again because we hope to provide an experience worth returning to!

Of course, our daily activities do not end with our vendors. We have so much more lined up for you this summer from arts and crafts, STEM activities, outdoor games, and sports, to swimming, and some sprinkle time! We look forward to spending the summer with you!


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