Rock Climbing

Through this class climbers will be able to set personal goals, develop physical strength, mindfulness strategies with a relaxed environment and the social space to make likeminded friends.

All classes are at The Gravity Vault, Hoboken.

*Age Requirement: 5+

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Summit Climbers Group

Wednesday 4-6

This is an advanced climbers group class that elevates a climber’s ability to become stronger, faster, and learn advanced technique and strategy in bouldering and top rope.


Develop strategy, speed, focus and endurance. 

Tackle the most challenging routes on the wall. 

4:1 ratio

Novice Climbers


Wednesday 4-6

This is a group class that teaches students how to overcome fears, hesitations and brings you to new heights. Discover how to boulder (free climb) and to top rope (with a harness), climbers often build confidence, focus, and personal strength.  

4:1 ratio


A membership brings the most flexibility.

You don't have to attend every week, but choose which days throughout the month you wish to attend.

You also have the option to add on swim, which will allow you to bounce around between more than one activity.

Rock Climbing membership is offered in subscription payment plan in sets of 2. 

Want more than 2 sessions per month? Purchase more than one monthly membership. 

Special opportunities to add on swimming with your rock climbing membership will be sent to your email after purchase. 

Each class is available as a membership subscription

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Did you know...
Rock Climbing and Swimming Work Together?

Bilateral movements which enhance the body's coordination, cognition, and strength


self-regulation &

cardio fitness.

The participant to be confident and self aware to be successful. 

 Climbing and swimming both require physical coordination, core strength and motivation.

Give space for learning at an individualized rate of learning in a social space. 

Learn to rely on yourself to goal set, problem solve, and gain independence.