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Rock Climbing

Intro to Climbing

Wednesday 4-6

This is a group class that teaches students how to overcome fears, hesitations and brings you to new heights. While discovering how to boulder (free climb) and to top rope (with a harness), climbers often build confidence, focus, and personal strength. Through this class climbers will be able to set personal goals, develop climbing strategies, mindfulness strategies with a relaxed environment and the space to make friends. 


Summit Climbers Group

Wednesday 4-6

This is an advanced climbers group class that elevates a climber’s ability to become stronger, faster, and learn advanced technique and strategy in bouldering and top rope. 

Each class is available as a trimester package or as a membership subscription

Two Ways To Register


A package relieves you of booking each session.
This type of registration locks you into every session offered for the trimester.
This does not allow for week to week flexibility, but does offer structure and consistency.


A membership brings the most flexibility.

You can bounce around from week to week, jumping into different days of the week and getting the benefits of more than one activity.

EX: Week 1 you can register for beginner swim and Week 2 you can register for rock climbing. Or you can use all of your sessions in the same week.

The choice is yours!