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Rock Climbing

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Reach For The Sky

With Focus And Determination You Can Do Anything

Rock Climbing requires motor planning, coordination, and focus. Through this class, climbers will be able to set personal goals and develop physical strength & mindfulness strategies with a relaxed environment and the social space to make likeminded friends.

This is a trimester based program to join our seasonal cohort, establish comradery and encouragement with your fellow climbers. All children MUST BE 5+ years old to participate by the start date of the trimester.


All belaying is exclusively facilitated by Gravity Vault. All participants must complete the GV waiver. We will share a direct link after registration. 

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After two sessions of rock climbing with the team, my son is climbing with confidence. 

Two kids rock climb

Program Information

  • For ages 5–16

  • 1 day a week, Wednesday or Friday depending on age

  • Pay once for 4 months

  • Small classes of either 4 or 6

  • 4:00pm to 5:30pm


All classes are held at The Gravity Vault, 1423 Clinton St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

improve focus and consentration

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Rock beginner

Ages 5 to 11

Fridays • Groups of 6 to 1

Learn the strategies behind climbing. This class will teach you the skills needed to get to the top. A class for all level. Climbers will be able to summit the walls and celebrate every win along the way. A great way to have fun and exercise.


Ages 12 to 16

Wednesdays • Groups of 4 to 1

Climbers will take their strength and focus to the walls. Set goals for yourself, find comradery and support from your group, and defy gravity every week. Have fun, be social, go as high as you can go, and get exercise.

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Rock Climbing
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