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Support Coaching Services

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About Us

The Story

Have you seen that kid who just doesn’t listen? 

In public, he may run away from you and think it's funny, not understanding the danger.  


At home, you’ve pulled him off the counter. He's jumping on the couch. He has limited interests but is comforted with familiar activities and avoids new opportunities.


At school he’s always tapping his feet and hands, interrupting the teacher, and he especially likes to hide in small spaces like under the desks and in the cubbies. You've tried everything but you're feeling unequipped. 


He is struggling socially.

The Facts

The Impact of The Pandemic on All Children 

In the United States:

  • 1 out of 5 children have at least one developmental delay,

  • ADHD rates increasing 30%

  • Autism is 1 in 44 children. 


The COVID-19 consequences of living with high stress circumstances in a pandemic lockdown have affected everyone, where we are all finding it harder to focus and crave movement to restore emotional balance.


In the unprecedented disruption and social isolation of COVID, families around the world are faced with questions of how their children can thrive in these conditions. On top of the abundant challenges for all children, this public health crisis imparts unique difficulties for children with special needs.   

Our Solution

We Can Help

The Support Services Coaching program is our curriculum model to modernize how our communities support neurodiversity with our curriculum.

Using our curriculum, you can leverage resources you already have and universally change how your teaching staff are able to decrease behaviors and increase learning by implementing our evidence-based curriculum and strategies.


Using resources you already have 

Your school will decrease

  1. Off Task Behaviors

  2. Meltdowns

  3. Disengaged Learners


You will increase

  1. Rates of learning

  2. communication skills

  3. Self-regulation

This would position your institution to be more prepared to keep more students' year over year while increasing quality of life for more people.

This opportunity will change how your institution responds to neurodiversity and inclusivity by opening doors for more ADHD and Autistic learners to get the same advantages with more opportunities.


Together, we will break barriers and bridge the gaps to include everyone.  

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