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Our Programs

Something For Everyone

COMPASS Learning Advantage is an educational and recreational company that offers a variety of services to help children develop a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our programs go up to the age of 16-years-old. We embrace neurodiversity, celebrate

inclusion, and specialize in Autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and language communication needs. A third of our participants fall into this category. This gives the children the opportunity to socialize with typical peers and have fun.

Our three programs focus on Academics, Aquatics, and AdventuresIn each of our program areas we offer options to sign up for recurring weekly classes, just one class, or you can choose private lessons in some of our programs. 

  • Academics provide children with alternative learning opportunities.

  • Aquatics help teach how to swim using play.

  • Adventures help children learn the value of teamwork and determination.


Our Focus Areas

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Our Approach

How Do Our Programs Work?

Every strategy implemented are those which embrace learning and motivate the student to persevere through any challenge because our approach is tailored to each child as an individual

At COMPASS our instructors are highly trained, we are a judgement-free safe-space, and we are a community that believes in quality services. 

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A Focus On The Children

The Framework

We want our students to be able to communicate, work in small groups, problem solve, and be risk takers.

By integrating physical activity into the structure of every session, children learn more about the body – mind connection and how to engage their brains in learning through various movements. Physical activity has a positive influence on memory, concentration, and behavior. This is not taught in gym class. This can be taught with COMPASS. 

Our philosophy for all of our programs is focused on three M's: mindset, movement, and motivation




Child & Family Approved

Loved colors of my feeling and the overall approach of how you customize learning to each child. It allowed our son to move at his own pace. We can see he's really confident about his academic abilities.

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