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  • Kylene Ronayne

COMPASS Participating in HoBOOken 5K this Saturday

This Saturday, October 27, COMPASS Learning Advantage's running club will be participating in the "HoBOOken 5K Halloween Run to End Homelessness." This race is hosted by the Hoboken Shelter, and it is their biggest fundraising event of the year! Founded in 2010, it is also Hoboken’s one and only costumed race and one of their largest races! Visit the HoBOOken 5K website to learn more information or to register today!

If your child is participating in the run, and you would like a COMPASS volunteer to run with them, visit the COMPASS Community Events page. Here, you can register for a volunteer runner FOR FREE. Just choose your age group! For any questions, please email

If you are unable to attend this community event on Saturday, stay tuned to COMPASS Facebook page because we will be going LIVE!

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