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  • Kylene Ronayne

15 Summer Activities to Get Your Kids Active

School is ending in 3-short-weeks and you know what that means…

In an ever growing digital world, sometimes it can be a pain to get your children off their phones, laptops, video games, etc. Electronics hinder the possibility of socializing, making new friends, and staying active and healthy. Here are some ideas to change that cycle of monotony in your kids’ lives. These examples are, of course, only the beginning of possibilities for a fun-filled summer!

You should also note that COMPASS Learning Advantage has many opportunities for your children to stay active, while also being social with their peers. COMPASS also has a flexible summer schedule to assure that you have a time for all the things you want to do!

  1. Pack a picnic.

  2. Start a garden.

  3. Sidewalk chalk.

  4. Go biking.

  5. Mini golf.

  6. Fly kites.

  7. Visit a park.

  8. Catch lightening bugs.

  9. Play in the rain.

  10. Visit a pool.

  11. Camping trip.

  12. Lemonade stand.

  13. Create your own scavenger hunt.

  14. Make crafts.

  15. Run in the sprinkler.

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