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  • Kylene Ronayne

7 Essential Items for Your Next Camping Trip


As we all know, summer is coming up fast. It’s time to break out the grills and slather on the sunscreen. One of the many summer activities that can keep you and your kids active and smiling is camping. In this blog, COMPASS gives you all the necessary items you need to make your camping weekend a success!

All of these items are available on Amazon for the listed price and you can visit each item through clicking their respective links!

1. Tent

2. Sleeping Bags

3. Headlamps or Flashlights

4. First-Aid Kit

5. Sunscreen

6. Bug Spray

7. Cookware

Though there may be some other necessary items you'd like to bring along, this list will definitely put you on the right path to a fun-filled summer camping trip!

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