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  • Kylene Ronayne

Why You Should Let COMPASS Guide You

COMPASS Learning Advantage is a program that helps children navigate towards their greatest potential through the utilization of a unique 360-degree spectrum. This Hoboken based company is driven to support children with special needs and their peers in a natural environment. Their programs provide all levels of support and shape developmental milestones within motor, sensory, and communication.

“Compass Learning Advantage is amazing! We have done 2 different programs and love the small group to coach ratio! It’s personal enough for the kids to make a connection with the adults and other kids in their program. We have continued to develop social skills, build physical strength, incorporate language, rules and manners throughout each session and apply these to everyday situations. Compass Learning Advantage is a great way to introduce kids who may be overwhelmed by larger classes, extra stimuli, or even mixed age range classes to new things. Give it a try, I highly recommend their programs!!” –Facebook Review

With the company expanding, COMPASS is excited to offer more opportunities for your child to succeed in each aspect of their life. Take a look at some of these favorited summer programs!

Swim Lessons

From learning the basics of water safety to swimming full strokes, COMPASS works with each and every child to give them they training they need to get to the next level. These 60-minute group lessons are engaging and fun. Your child will not only receive water safety training, but they will be able to socialize and bond with their peers as they learn.

Riding Bikes

COMPASS staff will help your child learn the different skills to ride a bike and perfect the scooter, while integrating social play in the non-competitive Social Skills program.

Learn to balance, persevere, and gain the skills to ride a bike or scooter independently while making friends. (Must bring own bike & helmet.)

Ninja Fitness Challenge

Does your child want to be the next American Ninja Warrior? This is a great place to start! Hudson Play’s obstacle course provides a perfect opportunity for your child to stay active and accomplish their goals as athletes. Your child will also learn the invaluable lesson of sportsmanship and how to be a team player by supporting others in their own goals as well.


Fall: Soccer

Kick off the school year by making friends and learning how to work in a team. This fun gym class classic focuses on social skills, balance, following directions, body coordination, motor planning, and more! ​

Winter: Ski Club

Each skier will receive personalized and fitted equipment, a meal/snack, lift access, supportive lessons tailored to the needs of each individual. COMPASS focuses on individualized attention, with small class sizes, and a focus on progression.

Spring: T-Ball

As one of the most favorited sports for young children, T-ball at COMPASS is more than just learning the skills to reach your full potential as an athlete. Here, you will learn the importance of sportsmanship, communication, and perseverance.

Highly Recommended by Parents:

"My kids had a blast. I didn't know what to expect, really had no expectations. I was amazed by the team, the approach, the attention, the easy ski in and out. My kids will return for sure. I'm beyond happy, and so are my kids. The instructors worked with each kid individually and strengthens their skills (or in my son's case) introduced them to the sports in the most fun & easy way." –Facebook Review

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