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  • Kylene Ronayne

Reminders for a Fun & Healthy Fall Season

Bright colored leaves. Beautiful, breezy weather. And of course, football. All the right ingredients for a perfect fall season, right??

As they kick off their fall season programs this week, COMPASS has some reminders to keep you and your family happy and healthy during this lovely season!

1. Stay active

Sometimes when the weather starts to get a bit chillier, we are less likely to continue our usual outside activities. Though not every day may be perfect weather, it is important to keep those bodies moving and engaged. Take your late night walks a little earlier to avoid the dark, make frequent visits to the park or your local orchard, even get the family together to toss a ball around or rake the leaves.

2. Stay hydrated

With the excitement of a new schedule, it can be difficult to remember the little things, like drinking lots of water- especially since the weather has cooled off so we're not forced to endure the cruel heat! Your body may not seem as hot or thirsty, but it is still just as important to stay hydrated.

3. Wash your hands

Another part of fall that isn't as pleasant is the sicknesses it brings along with it. Allergies, asthma, the dreaded flu...all of these are common during the fall season, but can still be easily avoided. Remind your children to wash their hands, sneeze or cough into an elbow or tissue, and keep your house & the items within it germ-free.

4. Keep up the nutritious meals

It may be a busier time of year, but keeping up a cycle of nutritious meals is key to a happy and healthy family. Running out of ideas for meals? Visit

5. Get into a healthy routine

With all the excitement that yet another season has to offer, it is critical to keep the routine going smooth. If you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, take some time to reevaluate your schedule. Prioritize the things that are going to positively effect you and your family. Remember that no one is perfect, plans will be changed unexpectedly, and it's okay to take some time for yourself every now and then!

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