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  • Kylene Ronayne

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids this Year

Each year on Halloween night, children are given the chance to break free from their identity (and bed times) to become a whole new character of their choosing. From princesses, monsters, superheros, or villains, kids get so excited for this opportunity to take on a new role in the world, even if it's just for one night.

Wondering if your child will be the only Batman? Or Wonder Woman? Below you can find the top 10 costumes for children this Halloween!

1. Member of the Incredible Family

2. Wonder Woman

3. Price Harry

4. Frappuccino

5. Paw Patrol Marshall

6. Ninjago LEGO

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Groot

8. Beauty & the Beast Belle

9. Story Book Witch

10. Despicable Me Minion

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