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  • Kylene Ronayne

Tips for Trick-or-Treating

Get your best costumes and pillowcases out, it's almost trick-or-treating time! Over 40 million children in the US will be strolling through the streets as their favorite characters, heroes, or even as the most memorable memes! However, an exciting night for these sugar-filled kids can also be a worrisome night for their parents. Whether you are at home handing out the candy, or out in the streets collecting the candy with your kids, here are some helpful tips for a safe and stress-free Halloween night!

Handing Out Candy Tips:

Make sure you have enough candy!

Even if your house doesn't get that many trick-or-treaters, better safe than sorry! The best part is, YOU get to eat the leftovers.

Hand out individually wrapped candies

Some suspicious parents may not allow their children to eat homemade or unwrapped treats. Wrapped and sealed treats are much more sanitary and easier to hand out anyways!

Avoid letting children grab at the bowl

These kids don't just bring entertaining costumes to your door - they bring their germs along with them as well. This time of the year is notorious for all the illness being spread around in schools, so try to limit the amount of hands in the bowl.

Trick-or-Treating Tips:

Plan your path

Map out which streets and houses you will be visiting so that you can stay on schedule and avoid chaos later on in the night!

Bring a light source

Even if it's simply the flashlight on your phone. Some houses may be decorated in frightening ways to kids, so it's always safe to have something to guide them during those darker hours of the night.

Stay together!

Especially for smaller children. If it's a larger group, maybe come up with a buddy system to assure everyone is safe at all times. This is a fun night for kids, but safety is still a priority.

Happy Halloween, from COMPASS Learning Advantage!


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