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  • Kylene Ronayne

Activity Ideas for Bored Kids on Winter Break!

Winter break is hands-down the most exciting part of the school year for children. Sometimes, however, it can be a stressful time for parents as they try to find ways to keep their kids occupied while away from school. COMPASS is here to give some unique and simple ideas for activities that can be implemented in your kids’ holiday break schedule!

Come up with a scavenger hunt

All you need to do is come up with a list of items to be found around the house. Ex: something red, something shiny, something that smells good, etc.

Create ornaments for the Christmas tree

Women's Day is a great resource for all different ways to create homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

Make some fake snow

All you need is baking soda and shaving cream! Pour one cup of baking soda in a bowl and add in shaving cream slowly until you get the snow consistency that you like. This snow recipe stays cool to the touch and has a power like feel when you touch it.

Create your own holiday cards

Get artistic! Instead of paying for a fancy holiday greeting card this year, have your kids come up with their own unique designs that are sure to make those receiving them smile.

Cookie taste testing

Calories don’t count during the holidays, right? Your kids can become little chefs, bakers, or food critics as they help you with some of that holiday feast preparation!

Disposable camera photoshoot

100% success rate. Whether they love being behind or in front of the camera, this activity is sure to buy some time for you to complete that last-minute online shopping!


Lay some (or many) newspapers down and let them explore with different colors. You will cherish these imaginative masterpieces forever!

Pick out some books from the library

Make it a field trip! Keep them sharp and focused on learning even during the break!

Go on an alphabet hunt

Easy…try to find as many items that begin with each letter of the alphabet! Sure to stump them and give you some more “me” time.

Come up with your own Christmas carols

Have them come up with their own lyrics to replace their favorite Christmas tunes. You’d be surprised with how creative kids can be!

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