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  • Kylene Ronayne

Tips On How To Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick

Happy 2019! As you take a step into yet another new year, it is somewhat of a tradition to dedicate yourself to this idea of a better "you." However, your New Year's resolution can sometimes be just as daunting as holiday shopping. The fear that you may not be able to keep up with your goals, the slumps you can get yourself into, it all may seem overwhelming. Luckily, COMPASS is here to take you through some helpful tips to help you stick with those New Year's resolutions.

Baby Steps

One big mistake that too many people make at the beginning of their New Year is starting out too big. Start small. If your New Year's resolution is to loose weight, you're not going to go run a marathon on the first day. Starting with too big of a challenge usually ends up becoming your downfall. Accept the small challenges, but don't push your limits too much.

Take Things One at a Time

We understand that life may be busy and chaotic. Your New Year's resolution should be making a positive difference in your life. If it becomes too much of a priority, it may end up negatively affecting other aspects of your life. So keep your resolutions separate and focus still on those important things you value in life.

Share Your Experience

Many times, it may help to share what you're going through. Whether it just be with friends or family, keeping them up to date on what you're doing. Or even on social media, tracking your progress. This added element of a little pressure may be just the thing that helps you stay on track.

Keep Your Head High

Don't be discouraged or give up if you have an off day early on. Everyone has bad days and there's always tomorrow to make up for it. Use your failures as motivation to do better.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Some Support!

Getting friends and family involved will help your mind stay focused on what's important. It's definitely okay to ask for help or support for your New Year's resolution. Words of motivation and encouragement from people who care about you will surely make you more likely to achieve your goals

From our COMPASS family to yours, wishing you all the best this 2019!

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