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Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month. I picked three stories to share. All three have a story of women who lived by the COMPASS cheer, “I can and I will”.

These women shaped the world around us. They have changed the way we live. At the global level, these women set out on a journey to pursue their dreams. Each one of them paved access for more people to have more opportunities.

Amelia Earhart has haunted me since I was young. Long story short, I did a project on her and I built a life size cutout of her. She came to life in this project. She was brave, curious, and independent. Amelia had her heart and mind set on adventure. She knew what she wanted and went after it. She wanted to fly airplanes and she wanted to be the best. I live for adventure and travel. I named the business COMPASS for this reason.

Madam CJ Walker created a product and engineered her own business. She had a vision, a mission, and an unstoppable attitude. She started the ball rolling for female entrepreneurship in this country. As a female business owner, my days include doing what I love doing; teaching while also having fun. My business is more than fun, it is something that I am passionate about; I love teaching and I love learning.

Temple Grandin; I had heard her name for years before I really looked into who she is. Temple Grandin advocates for children on the Autism Spectrum to have more opportunities to showcase their talents. I love learning more about Temple and realizing how similar our thinking is. COMPASS is all about including children, with and without, cognitive needs together and giving them all the opportunity to socialize with peers and subjects that may be more equal in abilities. This is the Advantage.

How does someone discover their motivation? EXPERIENCES.

I learn more about myself every time I try or do something new. I know that learning something new is exciting and sometimes makes me anxious. I know new experiences also teach my body new ways to move, to navigate, to problem solve, and to experience life, which is what I love!

I created COMPASS to open more doors for more children with various cognitive needs and to give them the opportunities to experience more passions through Aquatics, Adventures, and Academics programming.

To all the women out there, before and after me, I applaud you and your journey!

With Love and Gratitude,




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